Creag Riabhach Wind Farm Ltd. is proposing to develop a wind farm on land forming part of the Altnaharra Estate, Sutherland. The proposed location of the site in context to the wider surroundings is shown below.

The initiative for a wind farm was driven by the very high wind resource, Highland Council’s guidance identifying the estate as an area of viable search for a wind farm, and the land being free from any statutory or environmental designations.

The proposed wind farm is to be known as ‘Creag Riabhach’ and would include up to 22 wind turbines and would generate up to 72.6MW of electricity.

Creag Riabhach Wind Farm Ltd. has been specifically established to promote the development on Creag Riabhach by a private local company in partnership with Altnaharra Estate and will therefore be sensitive to the needs and concerns of local residents at all times.

View looking North West on to the Site with A836 in Middle Distance

The large scale map illustrating the location of the Creag Riabhach Wind Farm in central Sutherland is shown below.

Large Scale Overview Map of North West Sutherland